Indiana Daily Student

150 Years of Headlines, Deadlines and Bylines

by Rachel KippAmy Wimmer SchwarbCharles Scudder

For more than 150 years, Indiana University Bloomington's student-produced newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student, has grown and changed with the times and the school. Generations of student journalists, armed with notepads, cameras and a tireless devotion, have pursued both local and national stories since the newspaper's debut in 1867.

In Indiana Daily Student: 150 Years of Headlines, Deadlines and Bylines, editors and IDS alumni Rachel Kipp, Amy Wimmer Schwarb and Charles Scudder piece together behind-the-scenes remembrances from former IDS reporters and photographers, newsroom images from throughout the decades and a curated collection of notable IDS front pages. From coverage of the end of World War I to the selection of Herman B Wells as IU's president to the Hoosiers' national basketball championship titles to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the IDS has chronicled news from a student perspective.

Today, it serves as a training ground for fledgling journalists who have gone on to be monumental voices in American and global media. Remembrances from some of the most prominent journalists to emerge from the IDS are included here: among them, publisher and journalism philanthropist Nelson Poynter; National Public Radio television critic Eric Deggans; and Pulitzer Prize winners Ernie Pyle, Thomas French and Melissa Farlow. While at IU, students at the IDS built and maintained beloved traditions they continue to share today, all while offering a full spectrum of coverage for their readers.

The first book on the paper's history, Indiana Daily Student offers a comprehensive celebration of the newspaper's achievements, as well as historic front pages, photographs and personal narratives from current and former IDS journalists.


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