Frontiers in Semiotics

by John DeelyBrook WilliamsFelicia E. Kruse

Semiotics is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most fruitful and exciting fields of intellectual inquiry. Literary scholars, philosophers, social scientists, and students of linguistics and communication are all finding something of value in the various insights and approaches to knowledge that are included within the general field of semiotics. This significant new collection contains some of the most important contemporary work by modern pioneers in the field together with a few formative statements from earlier thinkers such as John Locke and Jacques Maritain. The volume covers in five parts the nature of semiotics, semiotic systems, various developing themes, traditional concerns of semiotics, and future directions.

The contributors are John Locke, John Deely, Thomas A. Sebeok, Donald Preziosi, Jacques Maritain, Umberto Eco, Roberto Lambertini, Constantino Marmo, Andrea Taba,rroni, Martin Krampen, T. L. Short, Floyd Merrell, Eugen Baer, Irene Portis Winner, Roberta Kevelson, Richard Lanigan, Brooke Williams, Luigi Romeo, and Josepti Ransdell.

Table of Contents


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