A Geneva School Reader in Linguistics

by Robert Godel

Over a half century after the death of the great Genevese linguist, Ferdinand de Saussure, Mr. Godel provides an external frame of reference for what has been called the "Saussurian School" of Geneva. He presents a succinct biography and bibliography of the leading figures of the School in chronological order according to their date of birth. Except for those linguists no longer alive (de Saussure, Bally, Sechehaye, and Kar- cevski), each author has chosen his own extract. Mr. Godel makes available for the first time de Saussure's notes on Morphology and the text of his last lectures on Linguistic Science. Also included are papers from Manuel Mourelle-Lema, Charles Bally, Albert Sechehaye, Serge Karcevski, Andre Burger, Henri Frei, Robert Godel, Edmond Sollberger, and Felix Kahn. In drawing together this distinguished collection of articles and papers by the foremost representatives of the Geneva circle of linguists, Mr. Godel provides students of linguistics with a valuable source of primary materials.

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